Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life provides a comprehensive cultural, social, recreational, health and wellness, and intellectual environment for the entire College community.

The focus of the Office of Student Life is on:
  • assisting students to integrate formal classroom learning with informal learning in out-of-classroom learning experiences;

  • providing opportunities for student involvement as planners, organizers, or leaders in a variety of programs, clubs and organizations, student publications, musical and theatrical events;

  • providing a wide array of programs and services that satisfy the needs of a diverse multicultural student population; and,

  • offering an activities program that contributes to the College’s growth by attracting prospective students, providing services to members of the community, and retaining presently enrolled students.
In addition, Office of Student Life provides an opportunity for students’ growth and development through  leadership groups and a variety of clubs and organizations.

Office of Student Life
Liberty Campus
Main Building, Room 09H