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Melinda Foster
Alumna and 2010 Elizabeth Kaufman Scholarship Recipient

Melinda Foster Melinda Foster was the 2010 recipient of the Elizabeth Kaufman Scholarship. At BCCC, she studied Social and Behavioral Sciences and graduated with an Associates of Science in Arts and Sciences: she contacted us to thank us for her experiences here.
When she applied for the scholarship, she researched Elizabeth Kaufman and realized that the story of struggle – and getting past that struggle – reflected her own. Melinda had no idea that she would get so much more than a degree from being a college student: but she was able to learn beyond the coursework, establish valuable relationships, and most importantly learn about herself. There were times when it was hard, when the struggles of being a single mother seemed to make no time for being a student, but she set a profound example for her daughters to follow that will last a lifetime.
She knows she is not alone. She knows that she can do what she sets her mind to. She no longer has doubts about her abilities.