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RESOURCES - VA Contact Information 

You can reach the V.A. by phone, email, fax, or postal mail. 
  • The Buffalo RPO (Regional Processing Office) handles Baltimore City Community College's V.A. Education Claims
  • The BCCC Veterans Affairs Office can assist you with faxing or mailing documents to the V.A.
  • However, it is better to submit documents to the V.A. by uploading documents through it's web site because:
    • You have a way of tracing your document submission
    • The document reaches the V.A. quicker
      • It doesn't sit in a mail room waiting to be scanned into the V.A.'s system
  • Therefore, it's always better to digitally submit your documents instead of faxing or mailing them!
  • 1 888 GIBILL1 (442-4551)
  • The V.A.'s hold times are the longest in the afternoon and closer to the first of the month
  • Calling Tip!  Hit "1" then "0" after calling to be connected directly to the operator queue 
  • The V.A. has a new service through which you can schedule a callback appointment
    • You can use this feature by pressing "1" once you reach the operator prompt 
PHONE (for verifying your monthly attendance - required for CH 30, 1606, 1607): 
1-877-VA ECERT (1-877-823-2378)
  • Visit the VA's Web Site, http://www.gibill.va.gov, then click on the 'Submit A Question' link in the middle-right of the page
    • Alternately, click here to be sent directly to the 'Submit A Question' page
  • Click on the 'Sign Up' link and follow the instructions to create a V.A. 'Submit A Question' account
  • Benefits of Emailing the V.A. instead of calling:
    • You have a response from the V.A. in writing!
    • This is a way to securely write to the V.A.
      •    Be careful!  The "Question" field is secure, but the "Subject" field is not
        • If your question is specific to your account, put your file number (usually your Social Security number) in the "Question" field, not the "Subject" field
    • You can attach documents to your message to send them electronically to the V.A.
    • Your questions and the V.A.'s answers are saved in your account
    • Instead of waiting on hold, you receive an automated email notifying you to log in to your account when the V.A. replies
  •  V.A. Buffalo RPO Fax Number: 716/857-3192
    • Make sure your social security number is written on the top of every page
  • Don't forget, if you fax a document, the V.A. has no way to track the status of your document
  • Consider emailing the document instead!
    • The V.A. cannot trace faxed documents, so if you are facing a delay, the V.A. cannot tell you if your faxed document is pending processing of if it was never received
    • Faxed documents take longer to process since they must first be scanned into the V.A.'s system
  • The Buffalo RPO's Postal Address can be found here
  • Again, there is no way for the V.A. to trace your mailed document.  It is better to send documents electronically instead