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How to Initiate VA Education Benefits at Baltimore City Community College (BCCC)

A Six-Step Process:

(Steps one, two, and three can be carried out at the same time; Steps four through six are repeated every semester)

  1. Apply for a VA Education Benefit
    1. Apply online at using either VONAPP or E-Benefits – click on the ‘Apply for Benefits’ link
  2. Choose a Payment Option for Tuition and Fees (T&F)
    1. Apply for Financial Aid 
    2. If the VA pays your T&F directly to BCCC, through CH 31 or CH 33, make sure you submit all required VA paperwork to the BCCC VA Office on the same day you register, so that your classes are not dropped for non-payment  
    3. Disability Waiver (see Disability Support Services)
    4. Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver - This is available only during the last two days of General Registration (see Registrar )
    5. Third party payments (such as from Federal Tuition Assistance (TA), Maryland National Guard Tuition Waiver, or your employer - see Student Accounts)
    6. Set up a payment plan using Nelnet (see Student Accounts)
    7. Apply for VA Advance Pay and complete a Liability Letter with Student Accounts 
      1. Advance Pay is available for: CH 30, 35, 1606
  3. Apply to BCCC (see Admissions)
  4. Meet with an Advisor (See Student Success Office)
  5. Enroll in classes (See Registrar’s Office)
    1. Register early; early registration begins in April for Summer & Fall and November for Winter & Spring
  6. Complete the BCCC Veterans Enrollment Certification (EC) form (available online or in the BCCC Veterans Affairs Office flyers rack, near MNB 07E)
    1. VA Education Benefits are paid in arrears - payments are issued on the first of the month for the previous month's enrollment
    2. Note that if you are receiving any of the following VA benefits, you must also verify your attendance each month (the earliest you can verify is on the last calendar day of each month of the semester): CH 30, 1606, or 1607