3rd Party Billing

The financial guarantee sponsorships agreement must be typewritten on sponsor letterhead or submitted as a purchase order, tuition assistance form, or voucher addressed to Student Accounting. Please include the following information:
  • Current date
  • Student's full name, ID number, and the specific courses and/or semester covered. (Please note that any amendments to the tuition payment authorizations must be typewritten.) 
  • An explanation of the charges the sponsor will be paying: for example, tuition, student fees, book charges, parking, and/or other fees. 
  • Notification of whether the sponsor will pay tuition penalties for dropped courses or penalties assessed due to late payments. 
  • A notation of the maximum U.S. dollar amount BCCC is allowed to bill the sponsor. 
  • The name and signature of the sponsoring official authorizing billing (payments), along with contact information (phone, fax, e-mail, and address).
Payments must be unconditionally guaranteed and made within 30 days of billing. Payments are to be made directly to BCCC in U.S. dollars backed by a U.S. bank. Bank handling charges must be included in addition to the billed amount if applicable. A sponsor with a past due balance may have its billing privileges terminated.
Note: Students should be aware that they are responsible for any defaults in payments by the sponsoring agency. Students can receive an individual Schedule and Invoice and must provide their third-party authorization to Student Accounting by the semester's first day of class. Sponsor payments made directly to a student, or sponsor reimbursements to a student based on grades, are not considered third party. Students are responsible for notifying Student Accounting of any class schedule changes. Further questions should also be referred to Student Accounting.