Writing Center - MNB 121

The Writing Center

“Your partner in the writing process”


The Writing Center offers free tutoring to students who are working on writing assignments. Our goal is to help develop better writers along with better writing. We help you become more confident in your writing ability by assisting you at any stage of your project, from prewriting to drafting to revising.


We can help you:

·         Improve your writing process

·         Discover topics and generate ideas

·         Organize your material

·         Become your own editor


How can I have a productive Writing Center session?

·         Be on time. If you can’t make it to your appointment on time, please call the Center for Academic Achievement to cancel or reschedule (410-462-7649). If you do not call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance, your appointment will be considered a No-show.

·         State your needs clearly. Identify what you would like to accomplish in your tutoring session. For example, do you need help clarifying the assignment, developing a thesis, organizing your ideas investigating your topic or documenting sources?

·         Have your materials ready. Be prepared to show the tutor a written description of your assignment. If your instructor has not provided one, please request one. Bring whatever written work you have completed, corrected to the best or your ability.

·         Allow enough time for revision. Good writing requires rewriting. Be sure to schedule your appointment well ahead of the due date so you have time to rework your paper. You may want to allow enough time for a follow-up session to go over the changes you make.

·         Be open to suggestions. Your tutor knows that the writing process can be frustrating, and wants to be helpful. Listen with an open mind.



We are in the Main Building (MNB) room 121, with check-in and assistance available in room 104.


For more information, contact the

Center for Academic Achievement (CAA)



Writing Center MNB 121