SRLC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

·         Who can use the Center?

Any student enrolled at BCCC can use the services and resources of the SRLC.


·         How much will the services cost me?

Nothing; all the services are free to enrolled students.


·         Where do I find the Center?

All of our services are available in the Life Sciences Building (LSB).  During Center hours, there is always a staff member available in Room 302; this is where you should come to check-in and check-out, arrange to meet a tutor, or use computer resources.  From there, you can also be directed to study labs on the same floor.  The Coordinator’s office is Room 321.


·         Who uses the Center and tutoring?

All kinds of students!  Students having trouble with a science class as well as students doing great who want to keep it that way.  The one thing they have in common is that they all want to be successful in their science classes and will take the steps to reach that goal.


·         How often can I come to the Center?

As often as you want!  In fact, national studies show that the students who are most successful come to study groups and tutoring often and regularly.


·         When is the Center open?

While hours vary with the academic schedule and student need, generally we are open Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 7 pm, Friday: 9 am – 6 pm, and Saturday: 9 am – 12 pm.


·         How do I get tutoring help?

There are three ways.  The first is to come to LSB 302 or call and make an appointment for a tutor at 410-462-8008.  The second is to sign-up for one of the course study groups where a tutor helps several students with the same coursework; you can make some new friends and learn science together.  The third way is to drop in at the Center anytime; if there is a tutor available (without another student appointment), s/he will be glad to help you.


·         Who are the tutors?

Some of the tutors are faculty members here at BCCC and other community colleges.  Some of them are graduates of science programs in the area who remember how hard some classes can be and want to share their knowledge of science.  Others are peer tutors, students at BCCC who have done well in the classes they tutor and want to help fellow students be successful.  All the tutors have been trained to tutor.


·         What can I expect?

Great question!  At the SLRC, you can expect to be working on your own science education goals at a place where study is admired and the staff and tutors genuinely care about your success.  You can expect to find respect, resources to help you learn, tools and guidance to help you become a more independent learner, and tutor support in learning your course material.  What are you waiting for?

 Keep calm and get a tutor!