Business, Accounting, and Technology Lab

Business, Accounting & Technology Lab (BATL)

“A partner in your business and technology education”


As a part of the Center for Academic Achievement, the mission of the Business, Accounting & Technology Lab is to provide learning assistance services to strengthen your learning.  Our services are designed to assist you achieve academic excellence as well as to help you become a more independent learner.  BATL is a great place to come to do your course work, work with a tutor, and learn from other students. If you need to learn how to use a computer, we are here to help you.


The services we provide include:

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Study group tutoring
  • Course review sessions
  • Computer-based study resources (including My IT access for BATL courses)
  • Text book and print medium study materials
  • Computers
  • An inviting environment in which to learn and to be with others who want to learn
  • Support for learning in any business, accounting or technology course



We are in the Main Building (MNB), room 320.


A staff of trained professional tutors, peer tutors and assistants provide the services.  Facilitation of their activity is provided by:


Mr. John Wiley

Professional Tutor, BATL, MNB Room 320

Center for Academic Achievement




We welcome you to drop by and introduce yourself, ask for study assistance, talk about business, accounting, technology and your career plans, make suggestions for program improvement, or sign-up to be a tutor yourself.  Don’t be afraid of technology. We’re here to help. Learning is the stuff we live for!

 Keep calm and get a tutor!