Program Requirements
 Upon acceptance into the Health Information Technology Program, Students:
  • Must complete an American Health Association or American Red Cross Health Care Provider CPR course. A copy of both sides of the card must be provided on the first day of class.
  • Are required to carry health insurance as long as they are in the program or sign a medical waiver accepting responsibility for their own health and safety in the classrooms and clinical areas to which they are assigned.
  • Must show proof of current health status by physical exam less than a year.
  • Have up-to-date immunization/tires: The Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) must be done annually; Rubella; Rubeola and Mumps titre and immunization, if necessary; Varicella (chicken pox) titre and immunization, if necessary; Hepatitis B screening, vaccine if necessary, or written waiver.
  • Seasonal flue and other immunizations may be required by the assigned clinical health care facility.  A criminal background check and a drug screen per clinical agency will be required.  Check with the Program Coordinator for more information.
  • Must maintain a minimum of "C" in each course to progress through the course and semester sequence.
  • Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) throughout the program (degree or certificate). Any student falling below a 2.0 GPA will not be allowed to take any further HIT courses until the required GPA is reached.
  • In addition students: 1) Will incur expenses for books, tuition, etc.; 2) Are responsible for their own transportation to and from clinical practicums.

Suggested sequence of Courses:

**All BCCC students must meet the College's Computer Literacy requirements in order to receive a degree or a certificate.  All first-time, full and part-time degree and certificate seeking students are required to complete the PRE 100 course within the first six credits**



Course Title




PRE100Preparation for Academic Achievement1None
AH130Medical Terminology3ENG 92
AH135Allied Health Pharmacology2AH 130; ENG 101
 General Biology (101 or 102)
BIO 101 or 102; MAT 91; ENG 92
Anatomy & Physiology I  4BIO 101 or 102; MAT 81; ENG 82; ENG 101
ENG101English Writing3ENG 82
HIT232Computer Applications in Healthcare2ENG 82



**Students can only apply to the Health Information Technology degree program once the above classes have been completed  with a "C" or better. Students are only accepted to the program the Fall Semester of each year**

1st Semester

AH230Study of Disease Process3AH 130; BIO 111
HIT120Health Information Systems4ENG 101; HIT 232
MAT107Modern Elementary Statistics3MAT 92; ENG 82


2nd Semester

BIO112Anatomy & Physiology II4BIO 111
ENG102 or 113Introduction to the Term Paper & Research Methods or Business Writing3ENG 101
HIT130Health Information Practicum I2HIT 120; HIT 232
PSY101Introductory Psychology3ENG 82; RDG 81


3rd Semester

AH110Medical Jurisprudence & Ethics2None
HIT123ICD-9-CM / ICD-10-CM Coding Principles & Practice4AH 130; HIT 120; BIO 111; or permission of Instructor
HIT231Health Information Practicum II1HIT 120; HIT 130; HIT 232
HIT 251Healthcare Management & Supervision3HIT 120; HIT 130 or permission of Instructor


4th Semester

HIT132CPT-4 Coding Principles & RVSs/APGs2AH 130; HIT 123; BIO 111 or permission of Instructor
HIT240Advanced ICD-9-CM / ICD-10 CM Coding/DRGs & DSM-IV2HIT 123; BIO 111; Co-requisites: BIO 112; AH 230
HIT252Clinical Quality Assurance & CQI3HIT 120; HIT 130; or permission of Instructor
HIT262Health Information Practicum IV2HIT 251; HIT 252
HLFElectiveHealth & Life Fitness2None
SP101Fundamentals of Speech Communication3ENG 82; RDG 81



Program Total61+Prerequisites


 Revised: 08/31/2014