Physical Therapist Assistant

                                            BCCC's PTA Program 
                                2014 Admission Application Packets


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Please return a completed packet no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 28, 2014, along with supportive documentation (Student Inquiry Report and an official college transcript from other institution(s), if transferring in courses) to the Admissions Office: Main Building, Room 02.  If you have already submitted official college transcripts, please attach unofficial transcripts to your application.


PTA Program Admission Application

This application is for students who are applying to the PTA program for the first time or those who are reapplying for first-time entry into the PTA program.  Complete this application if you have never taken any PTA coursework, i.e.: PTT 112, PTT120.


Eligible candidates should Click Here to download the PTA Program’s Admission Application!



PTA Program Re-Admission Application

This application is for students who are reapplying to the PTA program after a previous withdrawal or failure of a PTA course. Complete this application if you were enrolled in PTA coursework and were unsuccessful.


Eligible candidates should Click Here to download the PTA Program’s Readmission Application!


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