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Respiratory Care Program Requirements

College Requirements


Application                Application required.  Available On-line and at Admissions Office

ApplicationFee         Ten Dollars ($10.00)

Tuition                        Eighty-EightDollars ($88.00)/credit                           




Length                        Two (2) Years, followingadmission to Program


Enrollment                 Fall semester of each AcademicYear only


Pre-Requisites          * PRE 100 Preparation for AcademicAchievement: 1 credit

* SuccessfulCompletion BCCC Computer Literacy Requirement (e.g. CLT 100)

* BIO 107 - Anatomy andPhysiology I: 4 credits

                                               or BIO 112 – Anatomy and Physiology II: if completed prior to application

                                    * CHE 101 –General Chemistry: 4credits

                                              or CHE 103 – Allied Health Chemistry:if completed prior to application

* ENG101 - English Writing: 3 credits

                                    * MAT        - AnyMathematics course that fulfills BCCC’s: 3 or 4 credits

                                                        Category IV General EducationRequirement

                                    * PSY 101 - Introduction toPsychology: 3 credits

                                             or PSY.120 - Introduction to Scientific Psychology: if completed prior to




Required Grades      GPA > 2.5 (All college levelcourses)

All Prerequisites       > “C” in all Prerequisite courses


Application Fee         Zero Dollars ($0.00)


Application                Early Decision     -      First Friday in March prior to affected Fall enrollment

Deadline                                                         Requires completion of all Prerequisites at time of

 submitting application


                                    StandardDecision -    Friday prior to end of BCCC’s Spring Semester