Pre GED® Test Preparation

The Pre GED® Test Preparation Program provides free instruction in reading, writing, and math to students who are not academically ready to enroll in a GED® Test Preparation class. Morning, afternoon, and evening classes are offered in more than 40 convenient locations in the city of Baltimore, including the Harbor Campus and Reisterstown Plaza Center.

In addition, supplementary Math and Computer Literacy classes are offered to those preparing for their GED® Test. A placement test is required prior to enrolling in classes. The test takes approximately three hours.  Walk-ins are welcome; no appointment is needed.  Testing Center hours are listed below:
Harbor Campus (Business and Continuing Education Division)
710 E. Lombard St., 21202

Monday, Wednesday         8 a.m5 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday            8 a.m— 8:30 p.m.
Friday                                 8 a.m— 2 p.m.

Reisterstown Plaza Center
6764A Reisterstown Rd., 21205 (Back of Reisterstown Plaza)

Tuesday                             12:30 p.m5 p.m.
Wednesday                        3 p.m— 8 p.m.
Friday                                 9 a.m— 1 p.m.

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