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Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Prepare for one of the many jobs advertised weekly in the Baltimore-Washington region. This series of courses will prepare participants for entry-level positions as network cabling technicians, field service technicians, or installation technicians—installing fiber optic, copper, and coaxial cabling.

Copper and Coaxial Cabling Installation

This course, the first in a series of two,is designed to prepare people to install, splice,terminate, and test copper and coaxial cabling in the telecommunications industry. Topics include use of copper vs. fiber cabling, proper copper splicing techniques, termination and cabling standards, and power and grounding. Participants learn how to install and maintain building cable, outside plant cable, residential cable, cable TV, and alarm system cable. Note: All texts and materials are included in course fees.Fees include both C-Tech certification testing and membership. *Last session is a three-hour certification exam. Cost: $665 ($527 tuition, $128 fees)
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1300CI0 379M,W,ThBCED

Fiber Optic Cabling Installation

Building on the concepts of the first course,Fiber Optic Cabling Installation provides instruction on the installation, splicing,termination, and testing of fiber optic cabling in the telecommunications industry.Upon completion of the course, students will have practice installing and testing fiber connectors and mechanical and fusion splices. Students with little or no experience in telecommunications cabling receive a comprehensive education. Topics include basics of fiber optics, design and installation of fiberoptic networks, cabling standards, installation safety, and proper techniques for terminating and installing fiber cables, connectors, splices, hardware, and tools. Note: All texts and materials are included in course fees.
Cost: $795 ($497 tuition, $298 fees)
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CI0 380

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