Student Orientation

Student Orientation

Thank you for attending the virtual Federal Work-Study Orientation.This new approach confirms the Office of Student Financial Aid's on-going commitment to excellence through the adoption of innovative customer service best practices. The purpose and objective of this virtual orientation is to provide students with the added value conveniences of:
  • Completing the annual orientation at an opportune time within a specified time frame
  • Viewing available departmental/agency positions online on a 24-hour basis
  • Communicating with potential work-study supervisors,employers, and work-study staff via email
  • Accessing up-to-date federal work-study information including work-study guidelines, student and supervisor responsibilities,and important changes in the work-study program throughout the semester
The simulation requires that you and fully comprehend the work-study documents and after which, you will be tested at the end of the orientation with a quiz on the studied materials. Failure to answer 8 questions correctly will result in you having to restart the quiz. After answering all questions correctly you will be able to print and sign the Work-Study Student Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, and the Student Guidelines and Responsibilities and submit the documents to the work-study office. Accordingly, you will be able to search the online database for available positions and schedule interviews with potential employers.

Again, we thank you for attending the orientation and we look forward to assisting you throughout the academic year and offering all work-study participants with cutting-edge ideas to improve your experience with the Federal Work-study program.

Good luck and Best wishes!

Documents for Review
Confidentiality Agreement
Student Guidelines
Student Agreement
Sheet
Employment Authorization Form
Federal Work-Study Time sheet