Procedures for Add/Drop Classes

Each semester the College establishes and publishes a course withdrawal deadline date. If for any reason you need to withdraw from a course, complete and submit to the Registrar’s Office the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form (also available in the Registrar’s Office) before the deadline date. By doing so, you will receive a W. Failure to take this action could result in a grade of F and a bill for the course(s).

Grades of F, like grades of A,B,C, and D, are value-weighted and are used to determine your Grade Point Average (GPA).

A "grade" of W and FX, on the other hand, does not affect GPA.

If you consider withdrawal from a course, consult with your instructor and/or your faculty advisor before withdrawing.

Do not just stop attending class, and do not assume that your instructor will withdraw you from the course if you do stop attending. It is your responsibility to withdraw officially from any class that you will not be able to complete successfully. By taking this action, you will be helping to safeguard your immediate GPA, your permanent grade history, and possibly your financial aid.