Withdrawals and Refunds

Credit Courses:

Students withdrawing from a credit course may be eligible for a tuition refund. Refund information appears on students’ bills. Students withdrawing from courses must complete a Withdrawal Form and return it to the Registrar’s Office. Failure to file the Withdrawal Form will result in F grades and a bill for the courses. Stopping payment on a check, failure to pay the semester bill, or failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal. The amount of refund is determined by the date on which the Withdrawal Form is received in the Registrar’s Office according to the following schedule for 16-week Fall and Spring regular semesters:

First week of the semester: 100% refund
Second week:
50% refund
Third week:
25% refund
No refunds will be made after the third week of the semester.

The refund schedule for sessions shorter than the regular 16-week semester will be based on the percentage of class time that has elapsed, as determined by the Registrar. The complete refund policy is available in the Student Accounting Office.

Students who are subject to the Federal formula (pro-rata) refund calculation will have different withdrawal percentages. Details are available in the Financial Aid Office.

Non-Credit Courses:

If the College cancels a non-credit continuing education course, 100% of the tuition and fees will be refunded by mail. If a student formally withdraws from a non-credit course before the first class meeting, the College will refund 100% of the tuition and fees. Refunds are not possible after the first class meeting.