Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Maryland Residents Tuition: $88/credit hour

Out-of-State and Foreign Non-Immigrant Residents*: $210/credit hour
*Students from foreign countries who enter the College with a student or non-immigrant visa are classified as Out-of-State regardless of age or length of time residing in Maryland.
The following fees are non-refundable:

Application Fee: $10
(paid by all students who apply)

Graduation Fee
: $25
(paid by all applicants for graduation)

Registration Fee:
(paid by all students each semester)

The following fees are refundable prior to the beginning of the semester.

Consolidated Fee Per Credit:

Facilities Capital Fee Per Semester:

Some courses carry additional fees:

Auditing Fee: same as tuition per credit hour

Credit by Examination Fees:
  • College Level Examination Program: $65
  • Test Center: $25
  • Departmental: $25-35
  • e-Learning: $25
Deferred Payment Fee: $20

Parking Fees:
  • Full-time students (per semester): $25
  • Part-time students (per semester): $15
  • Summer only student: $15
Returned Check Fee: $25

Transcript Fee:

Note: Maryland residents age 60 and over
Credit courses: no tuition, $20 administrative fee, and other mandatory fees per course
Non-credit BCED courses: $10 fee plus other mandatory fees per course

* The College reserves the right to change tuition and fees, revise course content, cancel classes, and change instructor assignments without prior notice. Enrollment is not official until payment has been made.
*Not refundable once classes begin

Tuition Waivers:
Baltimore City Community College waives 50% of the tuition rate for credit courses for members of the
Maryland National Guard, provided that regularly scheduled course space is available, the member of the
Maryland National Guard is enrolled at the College, and the Maryland Adjutant General has certified that the member has at least 24 months remaining to serve or has agreed in writing to serve for a minimum of 24 months.

Senior Waivers:
Seniors add to the diversity of our learning community and are welcome at Baltimore City Community College. In accordance with Maryland State statute, all BCCC students aged 60 years and older are eligible for the BCCC Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver. This waiver exempts senior citizen students from the payment of tuition for classes. Senior students are eligible to register on a seats available basis for credit courses.

Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Guidelines:

  • The senior tuition waiver may be used on a space available basis only.

  • Students may not pre-register for courses for which they plan to use a Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver.

  • Senior citizen students who choose to register earlier than the last two days of general registration may do so, and pay the full cost of tuition and fees by completing the Senior Citizen Payment Agreement Form located in the Records and Registration Office, RPC or Student Success Center at Liberty Campus.

Senior citizen students should follow the procedures below for registration:
  • See an advisor to approve and check availability of course(s)
  • Register during the last two days of the general registration period for a given semester/session (Check Schedule of Classes for dates)

For additional information about the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver, please contact the Records and
Registration Area at 410-462-7777.