Online Registration

Before you may use Online Web Registration, you must:
  • Contact the Office of Counseling and Career Services 410-462-8555 for the name, telephone number and location of your adviser.
  • Meet with your adviser, prior to initiating Online Web Registration.
New students must, first, complete the admissions process, which includes the following:
  • Processing of application
  • Completion of placement test
  • Completion of orientation
  • Meeting with adviser
Students will be required to come in and meet face to face with their adviser upon completion of 18 and 36 credits in order to continue online registration.
  •  Review your Degree Audit to determine the courses you need to take.
  •  Log on to Student Portal
  •  Download a copy of the (click-on) Schedule Worksheet to write down the course index, course description, time, and location for each course for which you plan to register

Online Registration Steps:
  • Log on to Student Portal
  • Select "Registration" Under the Credit Admissions/Registration Column
  • Student Portal Log In
  • Enter your Student ID (currently, your Social Security Number)
  • Enter your temporary PIN (your birth month and year, example: 0880 for August 1980). Click "Submit Information".
  • Welcome Screen - Verify Information
  • Click "Continue"
  • Read and follow the instructions at the top of the page and scroll down to reveal the "College Student Registration Worksheet" used to enter index numbers for selected courses.
  • Use information on your completed worksheet (previously printed and filled in) and,
  • Add course index numbers in the on-screen worksheet (from your printed worksheet on which you should have selected each course and recorded it on your working copy) to show your class schedule.
  • Repeat as necessary to add/drop courses.
  • When your on-screen worksheet is complete (in accordance with your printed worksheet), click "Post Registration"button to finalize your registration and generate your "Registration/Confirmation" page, which includes tuition and fees.
  • Use your Web browser's print function to keep a copy of your registration for your records.

It is highly recommended that you change your PIN to protect your privacy:
  • On the  Student Portal Select "Change PIN"
    Enter your temporary PIN in the Old PIN box
  • Enter your new PIN in the New PIN box
  • Enter your new PIN in the Confirm PIN box
  • Click "Submit Information"
  • Click the "Main Menu" link (bottom of page)
  • At the Student Information Portal, select "Registration"
  • Click the appropriate "semester/session" (Fall 2012)
  • Click "Submit Information"

Payment of Tuition and Fees:
NOTE: In addition to registration services, you may use the Online Student Portal to do any of the following things:
  • Check your Degree Audit
  • Get a copy of your bill
  • View your financial aid award
  • View your final grades from the last semester
  • Change your PIN

Who do you contact for assistance?
  • Students always have the option to speak with an advisor for clarification about which classes to take or prerequisites.
  • For help online, contact the Records and Registration Office at 410-462-7777, Monday, Thursday, and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.  and Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.