Useful Web Sites

Country Studies

The Country Studies series from the Library of Congress. More detailed, but not every country is listed, especially lacking separate entries for colonies and dependent territories. May be slightly out of date for some areas.

Country Information Resources from Golden Gate University, has links to information on regions and countries.

provides statistical data for member nations of the United Nations.

from the National Geographic Society are available for a wide variety countries and regions. Please note that color maps don't always print well on black-and-white printers.

are also available from the Perry-Castañeda collection at the University of Texas library.

The CIA World Factbook gives basic maps, detailed basic numbers and statistics, as well as a list of major political figures, for all countries.

The US State Department publishes Human Rights and Religious Freedom reports, on a variety of countries. They detail political liberties, freedom of the press and religion, labor rights, the rights of women, and of children.

Africa South of the Sahara
A list, country by country, of links to information, from the Stanford University Library.

Index on Africa
Another list of pages with links about countries in Africa, this one from the Norwegian Council on Africa.

The International Centre for Island Studies contains information on, and links to island nations and populations.

index contains links to information in and about far too wide a variety of countries to be fully listed here.

Articles and Reports from Indexes and Databases:

Ebsco Academic Searc
h Should also have periodical citations and articles.

Encyclopædia Britannica
should have some short articles on most countries.

Infotrac Expanded Academic ASAP
should have links to journal and magazine articles about various countries. Use the name of the country as a subject.

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe
Under "Reference", try "Country Profiles". Or, use the news search to get recent developments.