Useful Web Sites

Domestic Violence

Domestic Abuse
From the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, information about the signs of abuse, common characteristics, and common behaviors of abusers and the abused.

Multidisciplinary Responses to Domestic Violence
From the American Bar Association, a guide to making sure you are safe. Practical, general advice.

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
An annotated list of links to articles. Some of them look to be a few years old, but the links are mostly good. Includes: Domestic Violence Factoids A careful examination of oft-quoted “statistics”. Remember, just because a number is in print, doesn’t mean it’s true. Don’t neglect the rest of the Center’s site. It is a wealth of information.

Violence Between Intimates (main page)
Rape and Sexual Assault (main page)
All from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, these pages include reports on rates of violence, not just domestic, from the early aughts (around 2010).

Articles and Reports from Indexes and Databases:

Books about various jobs can be located with the catalog. The best subject to use is "Family Violence".

Ebsco Academic Search
Should also have articles.

Ebsco Health Source Plus
Should have some as well.

Indexes. The Academic ASAP and Health Reference Center should have articles on domestic violence.