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Spanish Resources

Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary

Searching the web:

Tu Bibliotecario Electrónico
Una guía al internet.

Links to Latin American web resources, many academic, mostly in Spanish and Portuguese.

Spanish search directory, not unlike Yahoo. With links to Spanish language search engines in other countries.

Language links:

Clarin - Grammar, pronunciation, translation, literature, etc.

Spanish Language Newspapers on the web:

Academic Universe: Non-English Language News
. For Source, choose "Spanish Language News".

El Pais
Spanish newspaper, el Pais (Not the Colombian newspaper, el Pais, or the Uraguayan newspaper El Pais here)

Newspaper, from Mexico, D.F.

El Diario de Hoy
, Salvadoran daily.

La Prensa
“In the service of truth and justice”, Nicaraguan daily.

El Tiempo
Bogotá, Colombia daily

El Espectador
, Colombian daily.

Diario El País
Uruguayan daily (see above).

La Nación
Buenos Aires daily.

Sites with web-radio:
Buenos Aires newspaper. With links to Spanish radio via the web.
Radio programming via web from Guatemala.