Useful Web Sites

Statistical Information


Baltimore City Health Department. Public Health information for Baltimore, covering resident advisories and additional reports.

Baltimore City Public Schools Newsroom. Data on retention, graduation, and standardized test scores.

Baltimore Neighborhood Information Alliance. Demographic, crime, economic and health data for various Baltimore neighborhoods.


Maryland State Data Center. Statistical information and maps for Maryland, based on Federal and other sources.

Maryland Vital Statistics. Births, deaths, infant mortality.

United States

Fedstats. The place to start when you figure the US Federal Government has measured it, but don't know where it is.

Bureau of Justice Statistics. Crime, offenders and victims by demographic measure, state and federal prison populations.

National Center for Education Statistics. US Dept. of Education. Central site for nationwide and some state-by-state education statistics.

National Center for Health Statistics. Part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a good starting point for public health statistics for the US, and some broken down by state.

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States. Since 1964, SIECUS has been providing information about sex. Incidence of adolescent sex, pregnancy, homosexuality, sex education, STDs, and limited international information.

US Census Quick Facts, Baltimore City. Basic demographic and housing characteristics.

US Economic Census. Every five years, a detailed picture of the US economy is compiled. Start here for an overall look at the Economic Census.