Upward Bound

BCCC Upward Bound
Math/Science Program
Serving Students in Baltimore City Public Schools

Liberty Campus
Main Building, Room 260

Founded in 1966, the Baltimore City Community College Upward Bound Math/Science Program is a college preparatory program that serves high school students in Baltimore City Public Schools.  From October through January of each year, Gregory Hunter, the Program Director, visits schools to recruit students who are interested in math and science careers and education beyond high school.

Upward Bound Math/Science Program is designed to increase the academic performance and motivation of disadvantaged minority high school students so that they can successfully complete postsecondary education. The program includes high school college-preparatory classes, tutoring, cultural/educational experiences, a summer residential session on a college campus, and academic, career, and personal counseling. The program aims to develop a positive attitude toward learning. Eligible participants in the program come from low-income families or from families in which neither parent has completed a four-year college degree, have an academic or counseling need for the program's services, and have potential and desire for postsecondary education. Students usually apply to the program after being referred by a high school counselor or community agency.


Baltimore City Community College Upward Bound Math/Science Program provides program participants with exceptional college preparatory services, emphasizing academic excellence, individual expression, and service to school and community. The program identifies talented students from the Baltimore City area and assists them in developing the academic and social skills necessary for success in high school and matriculation in post-secondary education. We believe in working with students to assist them in developing their critical thinking skills, guiding them in the use of analytical procedures and technological tools, while engaging them in open-ended, creative activities. We believe in educating the whole student and providing an atmosphere that fosters academic, emotional and social development which is crucial to the ultimate success of every student.

The purpose of the Upward Bound Math/Science  Program (UB) is to provide its high school students with the skills and motivation to succeed in and graduate from a college or university of their choice. To that end, UB has summer and academic year components and a year long senior bridge program.