Baltimore City Community College offers one of the three Federally Funded Upward Bound Math/Science Programs availiable in Baltimore City. Founded in 1966, BCCC Upward Bound MTH/Science Program is designed to help high school students reach college by providing academic and personal support and guidance.
The Upward Bound Math/Science Summer Program
During six weeks each summer, 50 students participate in a residential program on the Towson State University Campus and attend classes daily on the BCCC campus. The summer program engages participants in academic classes in Literature and Composition, Mathematics, Environmental and Natural Sciences, Computer Literacy, a Foreign Language, in addition to  personalized academic advisement and individual and group counseling sessions. There are also a host workshops and seminars focusing on career exploration, character development, and cultural enlightenment. The summer staff utilizes a comprehensive Emotional Education Curriculum that helps youngsters’ learn positive mental health concepts. 
The Upward Bound Math/Science Academic Year Program
During the academic year, students participate in Saturday sessions on the campus of Baltimore City Community College. The half-day Saturday sessions are held approximately once every other month from September to May of the Academic year. The scheduling of the dates of these sessions are based on the Baltimore City Public School calendar and on programmatic needs.
During these sessions, students have the opportunity to learn about Financial Aid for college and admissions requirements and processes. In addition to these information sessions, seminars will be held to allow students the opportunity to learn and review the basics of Robotics, Engineering, and Biotechnology.
Throughout the school year, the Academic Coordinator and program staff visit participating schools and assist students with Math and Science. Also, individual and group counseling sessions and tutorial sessions are scheduled for after school and on Saturdays.  All students are encouraged to attend tutoring regularly and when a student’s cumulative grade(s) level falls below a B, tutoring becomes mandatory.