The following program objectives are designed to provide your child with the continuous support he/she will need to be a successful learner and motivated student prepared for college after high school.

1. All UB participants will have achieved at the proficient level during high school on state assessment exams in
reading/language arts and math.

The Upward Bound Mat/Science Program will implement supplemental instruction in reading/language arts and math through individualized tutoring, use of computers and software. A learning community will be created for all UB participants.

2. All current students will continue to participate once admitted into the program throughout their high school years.

The UB program will assist students to prepare for success in high school and retain them in the program through learning time management, working in groups, successful classroom interaction, goal setting, and test taking skills, developing a master education plan, computer literacy, and writing and speaking skills. Extracurricular and co-curricular activities at BCCC and in the community will highlight College Tours; Public recognition and rewarding of positive behavior; parental support and involvement; end of year recognition night; an intensive and culturally-specific plan is designed to (a.) set a high behavioral and academic standard, (b.) develop a buddy system for new students, (c.) team building exercises; keeping parents informed; use of grade improvement plans; checking grades regularly; conferences with teachers etc.

UB alumni will be invited to speak with current UB participants to encourage continued participation and inform students about educational challenges and opportunities.

3. All students expected to graduate during the school year will enroll in a program of postsecondary education by the fall term immediately following the expected graduation date from high school.

A UB counselor will meet with each student for post-secondary counseling. At each visit, the counselor will use all available materials (including standardized test scores, high school assessments, high school and program transcripts, and pre- and post-test scores). All students will participate in a pre-college class during the academic and summer periods each year.

4. It is expected that all UB participants who enrolled in a program of postsecondary education during the fall term immediately following high school graduation will be enrolled for the fall term of the second academic year.

A computerized UB database system will be used to verify postsecondary enrollment and track UB graduates for second year postsecondary retention rates. An annual survey will be conducted by the BCCC office of Institutional Advancement, Marketing, and Research to track graduates. Each December telephone calls will be made to graduates to gain feedback on post-secondary progress. An Alumni Club will meet quarterly to promote retention and graduation from postsecondary institutions.

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