Because successful education is accomplished with the strong support of families, parent responsibilities are:

1. To attend five parent meetings per year (4 during the school year, and 1 during the summer).

2. To attend the Upward Bound Math/Science Parent/Student Recognition and Banquet at the end of the summer.

3. To cooperate with the  administration in resolving problems and conflicts in regards to his/her child during the child's tenure in the program.

4. To submit a fully completed application and any other forms necessary for verification of student eligibility and documentation of student academic and/or social needs.

5. To volunteer as a classroom monitor (2 hours) during three Saturday sessions throughout the academic year.


Acceptance into the Upward Bound Math/Science Program brings with it several responsibilities for both
students and parents. Please carefully review the following conditions for program participation.

The student pledges:

1. To participate in a summer session each year. Participation is mandatory and may include living on campus and attending all classes and special activities.

2. To participate in an academic program during the school year by attending classes on Saturday mornings, taking standardized tests, and receiving tutorial assistance. Inconsistent attendance will result in stipend reductions and ultimate dismissal from the program.

3. To participate in special activities, trips, meetings, and special events sponsored by Upward Bound and other TRIO programs.

4. To submit a copy of your quarterly report card immediately after you receive it.

Student Responsibilities during Academic Enrichment Classes:

In order to maintain a positive atmosphere whereby each student can achieve maximum academic and social development while enrolled in Upward Bound, all participants must conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner at all times. Therefore, they must pledge themselves to the following:

1. Students must sign in on the attendance log.

2. Students are to bring a folder with notebook paper,a pen and pencil each Saturday. Students should also bring previous handouts, if requested by the instructor, and any completed assignments.

3. Students are expected to be on time for all classes.

4. Students are to remain in their classes during the full scheduled class time.

5. Students should take care of personal needs, such as getting a drink of water or going to the rest-room, during the five-minute breaks between classes.

6. Students are to be alert and awake during class time. Sleeping or putting ones head down on the desk is not permitted. Students are responsible for getting enough rest the night before to be able to meet the intellectual challenge of participating fully in the classes.

7. Students are expected to cooperate fully with their teachers and to take an active, positive interest in class activities. Students are to complete all in-class and out-of-class assignments ON TIME.

8. Students are to refrain from the following types of behavior: Any behavior that interferes with the instructors’ ability to conduct the class, any behavior that interferes with any students’ ability to benefit from the instruction being provided or to complete the assigned work, any behavior that has a negative impact on the overall learning environment, rude or disrespectful behavior.

9. Students will not argue with the instructor.

10. Students will not complain about having to do the assigned work.

11. Students will show the utmost courtesy, respect, and attentiveness to the instructor and to any guest or visitor who is present in the class.

Any student who does not fulfill these responsibilities or who is not in attendance for the full time on Saturday is subject to losing the stipend for attending that Saturday.