The New Upward Bound Math/Science Program Pledge is designed to remind us of the main purpose for the Upward Bound Math/Science Program, which is to encourage a commitment to excellence in our educational endeavors, support for each member and a signify an ethical component to learning. For each of us the Pledge reflects a public statement of academic excellence, team work commitment and academic integrity.

I solemnly pledge to do my best in school and the Upward Bound Math/Scienc Program.

I solemnly pledge to display good, wholesome and positive attitude to my fellow Upward Bounders and to everyone around me.

I solemnly pledge to exhibit mature, young adult behavior at all times.

I solemnly pledge to TAKE CONTROL of things and events in my life believing that NO ONE can make things happen for me BUT MYSELF.

I solemnly pledge to complete my required program participation in the Upward Bound Math/Science Program, (two, three or four years).

I solemnly pledge to attend all Upward Bound Math/Science Program activities and classes each school year, Summer Component and Saturday sessions.

I solemnly pledge to complete all assignments on time, abide by and conform to all rules and regulations of Upward Bound Math/Science Program at all times.

I solemnly pledge to firmly believe and defend the ideals and program philosophy of Upward Bound Math/Science Program with PRIDE, HONOR, and DIGNITY at all times.