Educational Talent Search

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What is the Educational Talent Search Program?
The Educational Talent Search Program services young people in grades six through twelve. In addition to counseling, participants, receive information about college admissions requirements, scholarships and various student financial aid programs. Additionally, Educational Talent Search services three categories of re-entry students who desire to complete an educational program.
Included are:
  • College Dropouts
  • High School Drop-Outs
  • Graduates who delayed college
The Early Intervention Program (grades six through eight) helps students and parents to better understand their educational opportunities and options. Over 323,541 Americans are enrolled in 361 Educational Talent Search Programs across the United States and territories.

Educational Talent Search Program's target schools are:

Middle Schools:
Booker T. Washington Middle
Garrison Middle

High Schools:
Frederick Douglass High School
Forest Park High School