Educational Talent Search

ETS Statement

Mission Statement
Baltimore City Community College’s Talent Search Program serves a minimum of 600 students who are enrolled at four target middle schools and four target high schools in BCPS, providing technical assistance and, encouraging them to complete secondary education. The program assists them in enrolling in post secondary education. The Re-Entry component identifies high school dropouts and guides them through the process of resuming a traditional program of secondary education or enrolling in and completing the GED certificate program. Additionally, re-entry assistance is provided to high school graduates who have been out of school for at least a year and are seeking to enroll in college for the first time as well as students who attempted college but dropped out prior to completion of a degree program. Two thirds of the students must be low income and/or first generation prospective college students; one third can be anyone who is in need of the program’s services.

Vision Statement
As Baltimore City Community College community envisions itself to be a beacon of hope and to create a world class work force in Baltimore, the Talent Search Program personnel go forward with a parallel aspiration - that participants in the program will be prepared for world class challenges as they bridge the continuum towards higher education. As students in a pre-college experience, participants will gain the academic, social and technological skills necessary for acceptance to college and will be stimulated to become lifelong learners.

Talent Search participants will be graduated from a secondary school and will enter post-secondary education, either at BCCC or another college of choice.