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College Enrollment FAQs

Now that I’ve graduated, what do I need to do before I go to college this fall?
Congratulations on you college admission. One of the first things you need to do before enrollment this fall is attend New Student Orientation. This is your opportunity to make another visit to the campus, take your college placement examination, and schedule your classes for the fall.

Do I have to go to New Student Orientation?
Most colleges make New Student Orientation mandatory for all incoming freshmen. The goal of orientation is to schedule you for the required courses for your academic needs toward your college degree.

Freshmen are required to take a placement test. This placement test informs the college or your academic needs, so you are scheduled for the necessary courses to complete your degree (or certification).

Orientation is also a good time to visit the college campus one more time before you begin, to see if you really want to attend that college. You still have time to apply to other colleges and be enrolled for the fall.

Okay, besides orientation is there anything else?
If you have not received a financial aid award letter from your college you need to contact that office as soon as possible. Financial aid is awarded on a “first come first serve” basis.

What if I got a financial aid award letter but its not enough to cover my costs at college?
If you have received a financial aid award letter and it is not enough, you may appeal that award decision. Contact the Financial Aid Office, your guidance counselor or Educational Talent Search representative for more details as soon as possible.

I’m not a graduate yet, what should I be doing?
You need to spend a lot of time reading this summer. The more your read the better prepared you will be for the SAT/ACT. Most (four) year colleges require one of these tests for admission.

Is there anything else?
Yes, if you will be graduating soon (within the next two years), now is the time for you to take college campus tours. Ask your parents, for your family vacation, to take you to visit those colleges you are interested in attending and meet with the admissions counselor.