What is NetTutor®?

NetTutor® is a comprehensive online tutoring service for all levels of college courses. Baltimore City Community College has elected to make this service available to you to assist you with homework and studying.

You can connect with a live tutor 24 hours a day every day of the week in a variety of subject areas.   

You can find the NetTutor® link on the left-hand navigation bar in the Canvas site for your course. Visit any Tutoring Center to learn how to use NetTutor.

 NetTutor is very easy to use, even on your iPad and other tablet devices.

Check out the videos below to get an idea of how NetTutor can help you:

NetTutor Promo Video: Describes how easy it is to access NetTutor and some of the new features NetTutor has to offer.


NetTutor Modes: Details the different ways to receive tutoring including Ask a NetTutor, Q&A Center and the Paper Center.


Using the NetTutor Paper Center: This video demonstrates how to submit a paper to the NetTutor paper center, retrieve it once the paper has been reviewed and even upload it to the NetTutor whiteboard for a live session if you have any questions about the paper review.