What is NetTutor®?

NetTutor® is a comprehensive online tutoring service for all levels of college courses. Baltimore City Community College has elected to make this service available to you to assist you with homework and studying.


NetTutor online tutoring service is available to you 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.


All of our tutors are highly trained, and experts in the course that you are taking.

We’re ready to help.


You can find the NetTutor® icon in Communication Tools on the Blackboard site for your course. Click the link to open your NetTutor® Tutoring Home Page.


Check out the YouTube links below to see some videos for NetTutor to get an idea of how NetTutor can help you:


Below you can find a list of information and guides to help you learn all about using NetTutor and its various services such as the Online Writing Lab and Live Tutoring in various subjects. Click to download the files.


Guides and Informational Materials