Career Development Services

                                    SIGI 3 Career Assessment

Have you decided on a major? We know choosing a career is a very important endeavor and we are here to assist you if you are unsure of what major to select or find difficulty in deciding on a career path.  We use a computerized assessment tool to assist you in this process.   

The tool is the
SIGI 3 Career Assessment, an Internet based self-assessment tool designed to provide students with personalized career and educational exploration and planning services.   Through your self-assessment, you will develop an accurate picture of your interest, work values, personality, skills, educational and leisure time preferences. 

Let the Office of Career Development and Employment Services show you how this tool is used as a resource. We offer SIGI 3 Career Assessment Workshops that navigates you through the process for all Pre-100 students.  Stop in our office to sign-up for our next SIGI 3 Assessment Workshop.    

For your convenience, you can also take the assessment anywhere.  Click on the link below to begin taking your assessment.  It is recommended that you print your results and make an appointment with a Career Advisor to further assist you in clarifying your career path and guide you in the right direction.    
Pre-100 Fall 2014 Workshop Schedule

For more information on SIGI 3, please visit us at the Main Building, Room 110.
We look forward to seeing you.