Spotlight On...

Dr. Richard Bucher
Sociology Professor

Richard Bucher As one of the nation’s leading scholars and pioneers on the subject of diversity, BCCC Professor of Sociology Rich Bucher will help you discover the skills for success in a multicultural world. Through classroom conversations and personally written exercises, he will show you why the people and organizations that fare better in a society pressed by globalization are those which leverage diversity, embrace cultural awareness, and become skilled players as everyday multicultural scenarios increase. “It’s about succeeding in a changing world,” he says. “I want to be able to give people something they can use. Too often, we are mired in ‘cultural cruise control,’ oblivious to cultural differences. My classes are going to stretch you. They will push you beyond your comfort zone.”
Whether you encounter him in Introduction to Sociology, Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, or Race and Ethnic Relations, Dr. Bucher will have you “check your cultural lenses” at the door and examine the cultural biases and stereotypes which limit us all. Diversity consciousness is essential for success in education and work. Get to know Dr. Bucher – and understand the context of your 21st century career.