ESL Programs for Refugees

The Refugee Assistance Program (RAP) offers free English language training for people 16 years old or over who have refugee or political asylum status. Teachers work closely with the students to help them develop language proficiency necessary to obtain and retain meaningful employment. RAP offers the following classes:
Pre-Beginning LIteracy
Low Beginning
High Beginning
Low Intermediate
High Intermediate

For more information about the program in Baltimore City, please call 410-986-5430 or 410-986-5464.
For more information about the program in Prince George’s County, please call 301-562-8633, extension 331.

The Refugee Youth Project helps refugee children develop the knowledge and skills necessary for academic success and positive acculturation. The program is offered in conjunction with the Baltimore City Public Schools and meets year round, after school, in the summer, and on weekends. Classes are free. For more information, please call 410-558-3194.

Refugee Employment Training Program (RETP):

WorkStyles Program:

WorkStyles is an intensive two-week, 60-hour, pre-employment training program designed for refugees and asylees with limited English proficiency. WorkStyles assists students in searching for and keeping jobs. Classes are free.


WorkWise Program:

Workwise is an intensive four-week 120-hour course for refugee and asylee adults with limited English ability.  The course helps participants prepare for success on the job by demonstrating American work values and developing basic technical skills universal for most entry-level jobs.  Participants also participate in community service learning opportunities to practice their skills.

For more information, please call 410-276-2999.


RAP Schedule September-November 2013

RAP Schedule November-January

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