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Department & Distance Learning Exams


Guidelines for Taking Department & Distance Learning Exams
The testing room and individual computers are monitored by video camera.  Academic dishonesty incidents are reported to your instructors as well as the Judicial Affairs Office.
Cell phones, book bags, food and drinks are prohibited in the testing room. 

Departmental Examinations:

Departmental examinations are arranged between the Test Center and BCCC instructors. Once the Test Center has received the exam from the instructor, students can schedule an appointment online to have the test administered. All students must present photo ID before testing. Please call the Test Center at (410) 462-7666 or visit us on Liberty Campus, at the Main Building, Room 4B, for additional information. We administer group and individual tests for make-up exams, mid-terms, and finals as well as online courses. Instructors must pick up and complete a Test Administration Form from the Test Center.
Expired exams can not be administered to students beyond the dates set by instructors.
Distance Learning Examinations:
The Test Center located at the Liberty Campus also provides testing services to students taking online courses at colleges/universities in and out of the state of Maryland. Clients must notify their college site that BCCC will proctor examinations. Once the exam has been received by the Test Center, students can schedule an appointment online to take the exam. There is a non-refundable $25 fee to have exams proctored and a $3 scheduling fee. Students must present a photo ID and a copy of the email confirmation at the time of testing. Please call the Test Center at 410-462-7666 for additional information.

If you are a BCCC student do not register for Distance Learning Exams.  If you register for this exam the fee is non-refundable.I agree that I have read and understand the information listed above and I am now ready to register for the Departmental or Distance Education Exam: To register,  Click here

Instructions on how to schedule your exam can be obtained from the "How to register" tab once you click on the link above.