All About the CAA

All About the Center for Academic Achievement

Tutoring is offered free of charge to all Baltimore City Community College students across the main subject areas of all levels of writing, math, science, business, accounting, technology, allied health, and computer-aided drafting and design. 


The Center for Academic Achievement (CAA) will enable students to become successful and independent learners through excellent service, challenging and responsive tutoring programs, and a diversity of academic support systems.


The Center for Academic Achievement (CAA) is an academic support service providing BCCC students with a diversity of tutoring services to assist them in attaining the course-specific knowledge and developing the learning skills necessary for them to become independent, engaged learners and achieve their academic goals. The CAA fulfills this mission by providing students with premier learning facilities that are consistently perceived as completely equipped, well-maintained and attractive, welcoming, and staffed by knowledgeable instructional tutors. 

What can you expect from tutoring?     CAA Brochure

  • Trained tutors who can act as coaches to facilitate your learning. 
  • Assistance with mastering course content, identifying learning styles, and strengthening academic skills. 
  • Support for developing independence as a learner. 

What are your responsibilities for tutoring?

  • Preparation for the tutoring session. 
  • A positive attitude. 
  • An understanding that the work is your responsibility, not the tutor's. 
  • Independent effort to complete the work. 

What tutoring cannot provide

  • A tutor who will do or complete the work for you. 
  • Help with every question and homework assignment.
  • A perfected final product. 
  • A guaranteed grade. 

Tips for students 

  • Schedule an appointment in advance to ensure you are able to work with a tutor. 
  • Try to prepare your questions and homework assignments in advance. 
  • Bring your textbooks, class notes and assignments to your tutoring session. 


Hours of Operation








(Some hours may vary by location. Please contact the individual Centers for specific hours.)


The Math Center 

Main Building, Room 104



The Writing Center

Main Building, Room 102



Science Resource Learning Center

Life Sciences Building, Room 302



Business, Accounting, and Technology Lab

Main Building, Room 320




Life Sciences Building, Room 244