VA New Student Checklist



     1.    Apply for a VA Education Benefit


     2.    Apply for Financial Aid or set up other payment option


     3.    Apply for admission to BCCC


     4.    Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your education plan


     5.    Register for classes


     6.    Submit the BCCC Veterans Enrollment Certification (EC) form (available online or at the BCCC Admissions Veterans Affairs Office, MNB 07B)


The Details: How to Enroll and Apply for VA Benefits @ BCCC

a.     Apply for a VA Education Benefit at www.gibill.va.gov - click on the “Apply for Benefits” link; use either VONAPP or E-Benefits

b.    Paper applications can also be submitted to the VA by mail or fax

                                                  i.    Paper applications can be downloaded from www.gibill.va.gov using the “VA Forms” link at the bottom of the page

c.     The VA Application that you will submit depends on the VA education benefit program you’re using:

22-1990is used for Chapter (CH):

i.      33 - Post-9/11 GI Bill (for Veterans or military members who served after 09/11/01)

ii.     30 - Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) (for eligible Veterans who enrolled while in the service, typically must be used within ten years of separation date)

iii.    1606 – Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserves (MGIB – SR) (for reservists with a six-year obligation who are actively drilling)

iv.    1607 – Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP) (for certain reservists who were activated for at least 90 days after 09/11/01)

22-1990E is for CH 33 – Post-9/11 GI Bill – TEB (for benefits transferred to dependents of Veterans who served after 09/11/01)

22-5490 is for CH 35 – Dependents Educational Assistance (for dependents of service-connected deceased or disabled Veterans)

22-1900 is for CH 31 – Vocational Rehabilitation (for Veterans with a service-connected disability)

22-1995 is to switch your benefits here to BCCC from another school

22-5495 is for CH 35 to switch your benefits here to BCCC from another school

2.     Apply for Financial Aid ( 410-462-8500 ; MNB  024; www.bccc.edu/financialaid)or set up other payment option

a.     Other options for arranging payment of tuition and fees (T&F) include the following:

                                                  i.    Apply for VA Advance Pay and arrange for payment of your T&F before the bill due date (see Student Accounts, 410-462-8333 ; Room MNB 027); Advance Pay is available for: CH 30, 35, 1606

                                                 ii.    If the VA pays your T&F directly to BCCC, through CH 31 or CH 33, make sure you submit all required VA paperwork to the BCCC VA Office on the same day you register, so that your classes are not dropped for non-payment 

                                                iii.    Disability Waiver (see Disability Support Services, MNB 023, www.bccc.edu/disabilitysupport )

                                                iv.    Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver - This is available only during the last two days of General Registration (see the Registrar ; 410-462-7777; MNB 07; www.bccc.edu/registration)

                                                 v.    Third party payments (e.g. Federal Tuition Assistance (TA), MD Nat’l Guard Tuition Waiver)

                                                vi.    Set up a payment plan using Nelnet (see Student Accounts, 410-462-8333 ; Room MNB 027)

3.     Apply to BCCC (Office of Admissions ; MNB 02 ; www.bccc.edu/admissions ; 410-462-8300)

a.     Admissions steps: application, $10 fee, MD Residency Form, New Student Orientation, ACCUPLACER placement test (if required), submit transcripts from previous schools (unofficial is OK for your first term)

b.    Submit your military transcript (Joint Services Transcript, available at https://jst.doded.mil )

4.     Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your Education Plan and select your courses (Student Success Office; www.bccc.edu/advising ; 410-462-8555 ; Room MNB 020)

5.     Enroll in classes (www.bccc.edu/registrationoptions ; 410-462-7777 ; Registrar’s Office, MNB 07)

a.     Register early! Early registration begins in mid-April for Summer & Fall and mid-November for Winter & Spring

6.     Complete the BCCC Veterans Enrollment Certification (EC) form (available online at www.bccc.edu/veterans or in the BCCC Veterans Affairs Office flyers rack, near MNB 07E)


A few notes about receiving your VA education benefits:

·         VA Education Benefits are paid in arrears - payments are issued on the first of the month for the previous month's enrollment

·         If you are receiving any of the following VA benefits, you must also verify your attendance each month (the earliest you can verify is on the last calendar day of each month of the semester): CH 30, 1606, 1607

o    See the bottom of page two of the BCCC EC form for more information on this VA requirement

·         Repeat steps 4-6 each semester and repeat step 2 (applying for financial aid) once a year!

o    Your enrollment must be certified each and every semester – so you must submit the BCCC EC form each time you register for classes

o    For timely benefit payments, register for classes and submit your BCCC EC form early