The Promise Academy

Vision Statement:

The Promise Academy at Baltimore City Community College serves as a comprehensive learning community which provides students with the necessary tools for success in their foundation courses. It offers various support services central to student achievement paving a pathway for continuous matriculation and College completion.

Mission Statement:
The mission of The Promise Academy is to prepare students for success in College through intensive foundational courses, tutoring, advising and the creation of learning communities comprised of faculty, staff, tutors and advisors who are committed to the full development and support of students during their experience at BCCC.

Initiative Overview:
The Academy will serve as a learning community comprised of academic and social support networks.

The Academy will introduce foundation courses, one in mathematics and another condensed course covering both reading and writing content. Students will register for the foundation courses when they score below a 55 in arithmetic (math), 35 in elementary algebra (math), 49 in Reading and 49 in Writing on the ACCUPLACER.

Foundation courses will provide students with 45 hours of direct instruction over 8 weeks, allowing students to register for the beginning level developmental course (course 81) mid-way through the semester.

Academy students will have required tutoring and advising sessions based on their clustered success tracks.

Academy students will receive a one-time scholarship award to cover tuition, fees and the textbook for all courses.

Students will be co-enrolled in non-credit and credit courses as part of an Academy Success Course Cluster which includes their basic skills classes and the College required orientation (Pre-100), computer or health course.

Instructors of the foundation courses will participate in the Promise Academy Faculty Institute, which will provide participants with training modules in methods, content, pedagogical approaches in adult education and student development theory. Academy tutors and advisors will also participate in parts of the Institute.

The Promise Academy will be piloted in 5 phases with full-scale implementation scheduled for Fall 2012. The first phase of the implementation plan will begin during Summer Session II with the first Foundations for Success Mathematics courses and continued into Spring and Summer 2012.