Assessment, Accreditation, and Curriculum Resource Development

The Office of Assessment & Accreditation


The Office oversees academic strategic design and planning to strengthen the academic enterprise, provides assessment and academic analytic support services to sustain a culture of evidence, and manages accreditation related activities.

The Office offers guidance, training, and support for faculty and institutional leaders in the collaborative curriculum and assessment processes.

The Office is also dedicated to creating partnerships with other schools by forming alignments and articulations. These alignment and articulation agreements are designed to help students make a smooth transition from high school to Baltimore City Community College and from Baltimore City Community College to four-year institutions.


Types of Assistance 

  • Guidance on the Middle States' accreditation standards and processes
  • Direction and support in the development of student learning outcomes at the institutional, program, and course levels.
  • Guidance, training, and support for Deans, Chairs, and Program Coordinators
  • Training and support on processes of assessment for course instructors
  • On-going monitoring of curriculum and programs
  • Support in the development and revision of programs
Members in the Office 

With over 30 years of collective experience between the three, Dr. Nevada Winrow, Dr. Hsin-Yuan Chen and Ms. Penny Weidner comprise the Office of Academic Planning, Analytics, Accreditation and Systems or the “A” team. Drs. Winrow, Chen and Ms. Weidner are here to support the institution in all assessment and accreditation endeavors and to sustain a culture of evidence within Academic Affairs.


Dr. Nevada Winrow

Dean of Special Projects


Dr. Hsin-Yuan Chen

Director of Curriculum and Assessment

Program Review and Development


Ms. Penny Weidner

Coordinator of Assessment