Frequently Asked Questions

Which students may NOT register using Online Web?
Athletes, Block Registration Students (Allied Health Students, e.g., Respiratory Therapy, Dental Hygiene, and Nursing Students ), High School Students, Honors Students (Students taking honors courses), International Students , Repeaters of Courses, Senior Citizens, Students on Academic Warning/Dismissal Status, Students with Invalid/Outdated Mailing Address, Students with Missing Transcripts, Students with Obligations to the College, Students Registering for More Than 15 Credits and Students with Unmet Prerequisites.

What times are Online Web Registration available?
Seven days a week, 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

How many credits may I take?
Students must come to the Liberty Campus and receive approval from the Vice President for Student Affairs when enrolling for more than
15 Credits for spring/fall semesters
9 Credits for summer I/II
8 Credits for winter intersession

How do I get a PIN to log on to Online Web Registration?
Log on to the Student Portal. Open the Registration Web Page by clicking on the Registration link.
You will need to enter your Social Security Number (currently, your Student ID) and your PIN (your birth month and year, example: 0880 is August 1980), then click-on “Submit Information.”
When do I have to pay for my courses?
Payment of tuition and fees for credit classes, in full, must be received, either in person or by credit card payment at the time of Online Web Registration, or your classes will be dropped automatically (canceled by the computer system) for lack of payment except students who have applied for Financial Aid. When this happens, students will need to create a new schedule and choose their classes all over again, risking not being able to have the class schedule they originally had chosen. Online Web Registration is available only until the first scheduled day of a course. Students who have applied for Financial Aid will be responsible for their tuition and fees, unless the student withdraws from their courses during the refund period.
How may I pay for my courses?
Online, students will follow directions to make payment, Enter credit card number and expiration date (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards are accepted). Enter three- or four-digit security number on front or rear of card and wait for credit card to be verified by Verisign. Once approved, tuition payment will be credited to the student’s account. Touch-tone Telephone, students must come to the campus to pay their bills.
If I keep getting an error message, e.g., “ System Unavailable,” “Access Denied,” “Page Not Available,” or “Error Has Occurred,” what do I do?
  • Please report this to the Computer and Information Technology System (CITS) Office by calling 410-462-7420 and request assistance.

  • If you continue to have difficulty, after trying to log on after a few minutes or during an off-peak time, please contact the HELP Hotline: 410-462-7777.