MLA Handouts & Samples

Writing a Paper in MLA Style

Using Microsoft Word 2010 to Write an MLA Paper Adobe Flash Video
Using Microsoft Word 2007 to Write an MLA Paper -
Using Microsoft Word 2003 to Write an MLA Paper -
MLA Paper Template - Adobe Flash Video
MLA Citations
Citing Sources for your MLA Paper (for your Works Cited page) -
Using NoodleTools to Create an MLA Citation (for your Works Cited page) -
How to write in-text citations for an MLA Paper -
How to Write an MLA Annotated Bibliography -

How to split a Web address on two or more lines

- - Adobe Flash Video
KnightCite - an online MLA Citation Generator (be sure MLA is selected on the left side of the page before creating your citation) - -
OttoBib - Create an MLA Citation for a book by typing in the ISBN number (be sure MLA is selected on the bottom of the page before typing in the ISBN number) - -

Sample Papers

Sample Paper from Bedford St. Martin’s - -
Sample MLA Paper #1 from Diana Hacker - -
Sample MLA Paper #2 from Diana Hacker - -
Diana Hacker's What's new in MLA Style? -
Sample Paper from The St. Martin’s Handbook, 6th ed. - -
Purdue University OWL's Sample MLA Paper - -
Documenting Sources in MLA Style: 2009 Update-A Hacker Handbooks Supplement. This is a 60 page guide to the new MLA style. It includes an excellent sample paper at the end of this document. - -