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    Five-Year Program Outcomes Assessment Cycle





    Year 1



    ·  Development of a program plan with the support of the Director of Curriculum and Assessment that includes the program mission and vision, program goals, program assessment measures and criteria for success, and a curriculum map and program student learning outcome assessment plan.

    ·  The plan will include relevant recommendations and revisions from the previous Analysis and Reporting Phase.

    ·  Alignment of course syllabi with the Faculty Assessment Team.

    ·  Development of a data collection process with the Office of Institutional Research.


    Program Curriculum Map and  Program Outcome Assessment Plan submitted by the Program Coordinator and Faculty Assessment Team to the Dean, Associate Dean, CWAC, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, and VPAA.

    Pilot, Implementation

    Year 2-4




    ·  Implementation of student learning outcomes assessment across all courses in the program.

    ·  Faculty members gather data at the course level.

    ·  Results are provided to the Program Coordinator for on-going analysis.


    Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Report submitted by the Program Coordinator and the Faculty Assessment Team to the Dean, Associate Dean, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, and VPAA

    Analysis and Reporting

    Year 5



    ·  Revisions and modifications to program mission, vision, goals, and outcomes are suggested based upon assessment data. (Revisions are incorporated into the year 1 planning cycle as the cycle repeats.)

    ·  Results are presented to the Program Review and Evaluation Committee for evaluation.


    Program Review and Evaluation Report submitted by the Program Coordinator and Department Dean, Associate Dean to PRE Committee, Vice President of Academic Affairs, President, and Board of Trustees


    General Education Assessment Schedule


    Year 1


    Year 2


    Year 3


    Year 4


    Year 5



    Information and Computer Literacy

    Personal Development and Social Responsibility

    Numerical Analysis

    Critical Thinking

    Multicultural Diversity

    Arts and Aesthetic Awareness

    Deductive and Inferential Thinking

    Oral and Written Communication


    SLOA Process Activities

    SLOA Process