• Information Technology Basic Skills 

    Program Description 

    This certificate has been designed using existing courses from BCCC’s Computer Information Systems degree in response to discussions with the external stakeholders. It is a stackable certificate that will allow students to continue pursuit of a degree in information technology. 

    Job Description

    IT Basic Skills trains graduates to answer questions and resolve common computer problems for clients in person, via telephone or electronically. The graduate will provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, electronic mail, and operating systems.

    Career Options and Occupation Outlook

    The Information Technology Basic Skills program provides the skills necessary to support fundamental hardware and software related issues for business environment and other related fields.  Students who completed the program intern with a variety of IT-intensive businesses such as financial institutions, hospitals, education,  and local government agencies that are dependent on IT for daily operation.

    Skills Needed

    The Information Technology students for basic skills must have the perseverance needed to work with a wide range of end-users.