• Courses Offered


    AHS 100: Introduction to Human Services


    This course is fundamental for students majoring in Human Services Certificate, Human Service Degree, and Addictions Counseling Certificate, Addictions Counseling Degree, and Social Work Degree .The focus is on concepts and strategies that have an impact on human, social, and mental problems. Core concepts, values, and generic approaches to helping people, groups, and community are examined.


    AHS 101: Clinical/Fieldwork I: Human Services Individual Counseling


    The characteristics of an effective helper from the viewpoints of the client and the helper are examined. Clinical/fieldwork gives the student first-hand experience with human services concerns and the realities of careers in human services.


    AHS 102: Clinical/Fieldwork II: Human Services Group Counseling


    Not only does AHS 102 extend the skills learned in AHS 101: Clinical/ Fieldwork I, but also it explores many new techniques including group dynamics, assertiveness training, behavior modification, self-assessment, identifying resources, learning to work with other disciplines and departments, and goal reorientation.


    AHS 103: Group Dynamics: Small Group Analysis


    Students are given an opportunity to develop an understanding of group functions and interpersonal relations within the group. Techniques of role-play, psychodrama, socio-drama, and conflict management are practiced. During the lab experience, the group studies itself and puts communication and sensitivity skills to work. Information on the nature of small group-pressures and operations of group standards is included.


    AHS 104: Activity Therapies


    Techniques and functions of recreational and occupational art, music, dance, and bibliotherapy are examined. The lab period provides practical experience in the various forms of therapy.


    AHS 200: Clinical/Fieldwork III: Human Services Multicultural Counseling


    Students focus on one basic area of clinical/fieldwork practice in order to identify each student’s own philosophy of helping and to demonstrate the ability to use this philosophy in day-to-day direct service with multicultural clients, residents, or patients.


    AHS 203: Advocacy in the New Millennium


    The course is a second-year elective for human services students, paraprofessionals, and professionals. It includes an overview of skid-row populations and environments along with a description of advocacy as a human services concept and an examination of advocacy counseling.


    AHS 213: Living, Coping, Dying


    The course studies various ways that dying people, their spouses, families, friends, physicians, and other professionals deal with death.


    PSY 103: Psychology of Personality


    The major theories of personality and patterns of adjustive behavior are examined.