• Role of the Title IX Committee

    The Title IX Committee assists the Title IX Coordinator with respect to the college’s Title IX compliance efforts and provides the college with advice on promoting a campus culture of respect and responsibility and in identifying and deploying effective measures to prevent and address sexual misconduct.

    Role of the Title IX Coordinator

    The Title IX Officer/Coordinator refers to the individual designated by the President of Baltimore City Community College to:
    • Oversee the college’s response to sexual misconduct reports, allegations, and complaints, and identify, and address any patterns or systemic problems revealed by such reports, allegations, and complaints.    
    • Conduct and oversee sexual misconduct investigations.

    • Oversee, review content, and in collaboration with other BCCC offices, conduct training for students, faculty, and staff on sexual misconduct topics/issues.

    • Ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for responding to complaints of sexual misconduct against faculty, staff, and students.

    • Work with local law enforcement to ensure coordinated responses to sexual misconduct cases.

    Role of the Title IX Investigators

    Title IX investigators investigate alleged cases of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender-based sexual misconduct. The Title IX Investigators conduct a prompt and thorough investigation, which includes: identifying and interviewing the complainant, respondent, and potential witnesses, gathering and securing relevant documentation, and identifying other information that would be helpful to the investigation. The investigator acts as a neutral party in the investigation and provides a detailed, unbiased report to the Title IX Coordinator regarding the findings of the investigation.  

    Title IX Committee 

    Andre Williams
    Andre Williams, Director of Judicial Affairs and Title IX (Student Affairs)
    Office: 410-462-8505
    Email: ajwilliams@bccc.edu

    Dr. Lesley Brown  
    Dr. Lesley Brown, Title IX Investigator (Academics)
    Office: 410-462-7484
    Email: LBrown2@bccc.edu
    Tara Owens
    Tara Owens, Title IX Investigator (Athletics)
    Office: 410-462-8325

    Michelle Jackson  
    Michelle Jackson, Title IX Investigator
    (BCED) Office: 410-986-5449
    Email: mjackson@bccc.edu

    BCCC Police
    Sergeant John McCoy, Title IX Investigator (Public Safety)
    Office: 410-462-7700
    Email: mccoy@bccc.edu

    Priscilla Johnson
    Office: 410-209-6055
    Email: pjohnson07@bccc.edu