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    I am a better student. I work with a tutor.
    Welcome to Tutoring Services! Tutoring is offered free of charge to all Baltimore City Community College students across the main subject areas of all levels of writing, math, science, business, accounting, technology, and computer-aided drafting and design.

    Our goal is to build the skills and confidence you need to be successful in your coursework and in your personal pursuits. You can walk in to any tutoring center and connect with a tutor. We have no restrictions on the length of time you can work with a tutor, but remember that our goal is for you to need us less and less. To this end, our tutors are trained to help you develop the skills and master the course content you need to become an independent learner.

    Your contact is Juanita Wingo, Director of the Center for Academic Achievement
    Main Building, Room 117B; 410-462-7759; jwingo@bccc.edu

    Website: www.bccc.edu/tutoring
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    Tutors and students at work in Math Center  
    CAA Tutoring Centers provide academic assistance to BCCC students in at least seventeen different subject areas for credit courses and offered at the College. The Center for Academic Achievement employs peer and professional tutors each semester to tutor math, writing, science, business, accounting, technology, and computer-aided drafting and design. All tutors show students study skills that will benefit them when they leave the tutoring sessions. Our range of tutors, including students, professionals from the community, and faculty, are here to help you, so please feel free to come to any center to connect with a tutor. 
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    All Centers are open at 9:00am. Please call individual centers for closing hours and Saturday hours.


    Math Center

    Main Building (MNB), Room 104


    Writing Center

    Main Building (MNB), Room 102


    Science Resource Learning Center

    Life Sciences Building (LSB), Room 302


    Business, Accounting, & Technology Lab

    Main Building (MNB), Room 320



    CADD Lab

    Life Sciences Building (LSB), Room 244



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    Top Ten Reasons to Get a Tutor
    1. Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.
    2. Develop a better understanding of subject content.
    3. Improve your study skills.
    4. Learn how to manage your time and still have time for fun.
    5. Improve your communication skills.
    6. Learn how to manage stress.
    7. Improve your vocabulary.
    8. Understand and mange test anxiety.
    9. Improve your written communication skills.
    10. Learn how to study smarter, not harder; get better grades in less time.
    science tutor with students
    What can you expect from tutoring?
    • Trained tutors who can act as coaches to facilitate your learning.
    • Assistance with mastering course content, identifying learning styles, and strengthening academic skills.
    • Support for developing independence as a learner. .
    What are your responsibilities for tutoring?
    • Preparation for the tutoring session.
    • A positive attitude.
    • An understanding that the work is your responsibility, not the tutor's.
    • Independent effort to complete the work.
    What tutoring cannot provide
    • A tutor who will do or complete the work for you.
    • Help with every question and homework assignment.
    • A perfected final product.
    • A guaranteed grade.
    Tips for students
    • Walk-ins are welcome.
    • Try to prepare your questions and homework assignments in advance.
    • Bring your textbooks, class notes and assignments to your tutoring session.
     Business, Accounting, & Technology Lab

    “Tutoring services are the best I have ever encountered.”

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