• Team Member Contact Information

    Director of Judicial Affairs and Title IX, Co-Chair and Core Team Member 
    Mr. André J. Williams
    Phone: 410-462-8505
    Office: Main Building 09E
    Chief of Public Safety or his/her Designee Co-Chair and Core Team Member
    Chief Leonard Willis
    Phone: 410-462-7700
    Office: Main Building 058
    Director, Office of Disability Support Services - Core Team Member
    (Designee) Leslie Allen
    Phone: 410-462-8583
    Office:  Main Building 023
    Dean of Student Development or his/her designee - Core Team Member
    (Designee) Mr. Jeffery Sams
    Phone: 410-462-8409
    Office: Main Building 020L
    Student Support and Wellness Counselor - Core Team Member
    Mrs. Angela Donn
    Phone: 410-462-8388
    Office: Harper Hall 114
    Academic Affairs Representative - Core Team Member
    Professor Naesea S. Price
    Phone: 410-462-8030
    Office: Main Building 155D
    Academic Affairs Representative - Core Team Member
    Professor Katana L. Hall, Ph.D.
    Phone: 410-462-8314
    Office: Main Building 164C
    Public Safety Representative - Core Team Member
    John McCoy
    Phone: 410-462-7700
    Office: Main Building 058
    Business and Continuing Education Division Representative – Core Team Member
    Mrs. Michelle Jackson
    Phone: 410-986-5449
    Office: BCED 20
    Vice President of Student Affairs - Auxiliary Team Member 
    Dr. Marguerite Weber
    Phone: 410-462-7676
    Office: Main Building 212

    Human Resources Representative - Auxiliary Team Member
    Mrs. Michelle Williams
    Phone: 410-209-6003
    Office: HR West Pavilion
    Baltimore City Community College General Counsel - Auxiliary Team Member
    Mr. Bryan Perry Esq.
    Phone: 410-462-8047
    Office: Harper Hall 204G