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    BCCC’s English Language Services & Basic Skills programs meet students where they are, providing support, instruction, and mentoring to propel students to the next stage of their educational pathway. We are very proud of the success of our students, whether it is through increasing their English proficiency, obtaining U.S. Citizenship, or transitioning into career training. We are very happy to share their stories with you.

    Meet Binta…

    College instructors in the United States offer much more personalized attention to their students than those in her native French-speaking country of Mali says Binta Hanne. Nowhere was this more readily apparent than in her interactions with her writing instructors in the English Language Instruction (ELI) program. Binta firmly believes that without the excellent preparation she received in her ELI classes she would not have developed the writing skills required to succeed at the college level.

    “The ELI writing instructors helped me a lot! Thanks to them I don’t have a problem writing,” Binta states.

    This fall will be Ms. Hanne’s last semester at BCCC as a General Studies major. She plans to continue her college career at Morgan State University in the Strategic Communication undergraduate program.



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