Tips for Internet Research

Tips for Internet Research

Learning through the Internet requires students to:
  • Access reliable, current information
    Hint: Do you know the difference between Web sites ending in .com, .edu., .org, ,gov, or .net?

  • Sort and assess that information according to needs
    Hint: Do you know how to bookmark useful sites? How do you decide what information is reliable and what information is not reliable on the Internet?

  • Organize and categorize information for easy retrieval
    Hint: Do you know how to organize sites in folders?

  • Use information in a responsible way without plagiarizing
    Hint: Are you familiar with the rules of "fair use?" Do you give credit to materials that you retrieved from the Internet?
Useful sites to check out in order to find answers to the "hint" questions above are the following: 

How to tell the difference between domains:


How to bookmark a website:


What is plagiarism and how to avoid it:

How to check for reliability of information retrieved from the Internet: