• Adjunct Faculty Information

    On behalf of the President, our faculty, and our staff members, welcome to Baltimore City Community College [BCCC].  
    You join a group of stellar faculty members who possess an undeniable sense of dedication to the well-being of students and the College community.  Thank you for your continued commitment, support and dedication to our students.  BCCC is more than just an institution of higher learning. It’s a place where we can change students’ lives and motivate them to reach their goals. Thanks to our committed group of faculty and staff, students are able to achieve personal growth and career success through education.
    You, as an adjunct instructor, have the ability to positively impact students’ lives in ways that affect them even outside of the classroom. The College values and recognizes the expertise, experience and perspective that adjunct faculty contribute and looks forward to working with you to provide education programs and services to the greater Baltimore community and the State of Maryland.